Weight & resistance training, the same?

August 26, 2023 0 Comments

When training for a lean and healthy body, confusion may arise due to the many fitness terms used. Example are “bodybuilding” and “resistance training”. Are they the same or is there a noticeable difference between them?

Understanding strength training:

Bodybuilding, as the name indicates, involves lifting weights to build strength as well as muscle size. It’s a form of resistance training, but not all resistance exercises fall into the catgeory of weightlifting. In bodybuilding, external weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells are used to create resistance against your muscles. This resistance induces muscle fiber hyperthrophy, widely known as an increase in mucle size.

Explore resistance training:

Resistance training is a broader term that encompasses a variety of methods for improving muscle strength and endurance through resistance, which include bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, exercise balls, and your own body for resistance. While strength training is a subset of resistance training, resistance training is a broader term that includes any exercise that creates resistance

Main difference:

The main difference between weight training and resistance training is the type of resistance used. Strength training specifically involves lifting weights externally, while strength training includes more methods than relying solely on weights. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, and planks fall under resistance training, but not in the weight training category.

Choose the right method:

Deciding between strength training and other forms of resistance training depends on your fitness goals, preferences, and any physical limitations. If you want to build significant muscle mass, strength training with heavier weights and increasing overload might be your solution. On the other hand, resistance training with weightlifting exercises or ropes can be effective in improving functional strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

Benefits of both:

Strength training and resistance training have many benefits for your body and overall health. Both contribute to muscle growth, fat loss, improved bone density, improved metabolism, and even mental health benefits like stress reduction and confidence boost. . Tailoring your workout routine to your goals and preferences is key to getting the best results.

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